Handmade custom edible wedding toppers, cupcake toppers, specialty and novelty cake toppers Custom orders are our specialty! contact us to find out how easy it is to get the decoration that is just perfect for your special occasion! All our cake toppers are handmade to order.

Standard Cupcake Toppers –

our standard cupcake toppers are hand made to order, please allow approximately 7 business days prior to shipment to ensure adequate drying time and safe arrival of shipped items. colour variants are available upon ordering, but generally not after the order is finalised as the products may have been started already. bulk options are available at reasonable prices for any of these items.

Wedding Toppers-

Weddings are a special time, why not add an extra personal touch with custom figures! wedding figures are generally made with a wire armature (skeleton) for stability, please be aware that for this reason it is not recommended that you eat them. prices vary depending on time required, after quote is made no further charges will be added. these are very customised figures and as such require a fair amount of time to complete, please give at least 4 weeks notice prior to shipment. Prices start from $150 a pair.

Custom Toppers –

Custom orders are always a joy to create, please don’t hesitate to send through a request, prices vary depending on time and skill required.

Flowers –

Custom Flower orders require at least 2 weeks notice prior to pick up/shipment for drying time. prices vary depending on amount and complexity.

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