Standard cake flavours


White / Dark Chocolate mudcake

Rich and dense, made with the finest chocolate and layered with chocolate ganache. – raspberries, liqueur, or other flavours can be added

Caramel mudcake

Caramel mudcake made with white chocolate, brown sugar and golden syrup. Layered with White chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Jaffa mud

Orange liqueur infused dark chocolate mudcake layered with orange blossom white chocolate ganache and incased in a dark chocolate ganache shell.

Chocolate espresso mudcake

Chocolate mud cake infused with fine coffee and coffee liqueur. Layered with rich chocolate ganache.

Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercake

Layers of moist cake are separated by soft and creamy vanilla bean/chocolate frosting.


Optional flavour Extras


add extra layers of flavour with these filling options; lemon curd, fresh berry purees, chocolate & hazelnut spread, salted caramel. (added between cake layers & ganache/buttercream)

In-cake additions

raspberries, liqueur varieties, or other flavours can be added


Wedding cake styles


Any standard cake flavour covered in smooth or messy buttercream with simple decoration.

Fondant (rolled icing)

Any standard cake flavour covered with a thin layer of fondant with simple decoration.

Chocolate panel cake

Any standard cake flavour surrounded by chocolate paneling.

Royal Icing

Any Standard cake flavour covered with smooth or messy royal icing with simple decoration.


weddingcakepanels-400x400 ourwedding1-400x400


Personalised bride and groom toppers

Starting at $150 for the pair these cute characters will really top off any cake.



Fresh flowers can be added to you cake with co-ordination with your florist for only the cost of the flowers themselves.
Sugar flowers can be added to your cake when adequate time is given upon booking.
Costs vary as different flowers require different amounts of preparation and skill.
But for a guide if you were to add a simple arrangement of roses to a three tier cake it would cost approximately $85.

There are endless possibilities of extras so please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out about making your dream cake a reality!
I will always try to fit your ideas into your budget and will endeavour to accommodate your requests.


Round Square
Cake size Dessert Portions Coffee Portions Dessert Portions Coffee Portions
4″ 5 10 6 12
6″ 10 20 15 30
8″ 20 40 25 55
10″ 30 65 40 85
12″ 45 95 60 120
14″ 65 130 80 160


So for example if you were having 80 guests and need 82 portions you could have a combination such as follows;
Round tier dessert servings you could have two double barrel 6″ & 10″ tiers at 8″ high or 8″ double barrel and a 12″ single high tiers
Round tier coffee potions you could have 6″ & 10″ x 4″ high tiers.
Square tier dessert servings you could have 8″ double barrel & 10″ single high.
Square coffee portions you could have 4″, 6″ & 8″
These are just a few examples, the option is up to you and what you want your cake to look like on the day.

The portions given above are based upon the following dimensions:
Coffee portions: 1″ x 1″ x 4″ high (2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm)
Dessert portions: 1″ x 2″ x 4″ high (2.5cm x 5cm x 10cm high)
* the term double barrel refers to a cake tier that is actually to cakes on top of each other and presented as one extra tall tier.

* a 10% deposit is required upon booking for all orders.

weddingcupcakes1-400x400 cakepops-400x400


Cupcake towers

My wedding cake cupcakes tower are priced at the same rate as my per dozen price for small weddings, discounts are available for bulk orders of the same design. Please see the cupcakes page for standard flavours & prices.


Cake pops

Any cake/cupcake flavour mixed with its frosting, balled up,coated in chocolate and served on a stick with simple decoration. Cake pops make excellent favors or a fantastic self serve option. $30 per dozen.



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